Specialized in spare parts for Caterpillar®, Komatsu® and Volvo® machines


Our crankshafts are produced to ensure high quality standards following OEM specifications


Connecting rods

Cast rods provide the best lubrication to pinstons.



Durability of an engine depends primarily on the used pistons to ensure the effectiveness


Cylinder heads

The cylinder head is one of the more complex components of a motor, that requires a complex manufacturing process.



These are indispensable components of the fuel system with a high developed technology.



Provided with  Sleeves to increase crank usability and performance during rotation of the crankshafts.



 ITR filters are engineered to provide maximum protection, increase productivity of your machines.


Engine Valves

Provide a higher resistance to mechanical stress, chemical corrosion  and extreme temperatures.


Frame components, transmission parts, engine parts, cooling system parts, hydraulic parts and pumps for earth moving machines, components for pneumatic systems, air and oil filters, electrical and cab parts.

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