Blades of different materials and alloys

Blades from rolled steel sections (straight, single bevel, double bevel, half arrow,armored bars, etc…) and from steel plates of the best brands

Cast Edges & End Bits

Special cast blades and corners for bulldozers and graders. Cast blades for use in conditions of high abrasion, are remarkably reinforced and provide greater resistance.

Futura blades

FUTURA 550 blades offer up to 70% more wear life compared to 500 brinell boron blades from other brands. FUTURA 600 brinell products can be a substitute for carbide overlay cutting edges at a very affordable cost.

Polyurethane blades

Polyurethane blades are specially indicated for jobs that require flexibility or where the preservation of the integrity of the surface is important.

Cast Lips

Cast lips for large hydraulic excavator and face shovels are  built for maximum strength and wear life.

Bimetallic blades

Bimetallic plates consist of a layer of chromium carbide welded on a base plate of malleable steel. Plates are assembled in a welding machine of own design with exclusive technique.